Friday, April 4, 2008

When In Yellowknife

I'm in Yellowknife today. I came here a few days ago in an attempt to buy a house. I failed. Feeling a little disappointed, (but not crushed, so reserve your sympathy please) I tried to head back to Iqaluit. It's only been a short time away, but I miss my family. Unfortunately, the weather in Iqaluit resulted in a cancelled flight and it looks like I'm here until Sunday.

Because of my lack of ability to entertain myself, I'm bored and now doing something I vowed not to do: begin another blog challenge. It's not like the challenge scene is over- saturated or anything (cough), but I wanted to devote all my attention to the Canadian Book Challenge.

Lately, however, I've been intrigued by obscure books. More than a few bloggers out there have mentioned books that I've never heard of written by authors of whom I thought I'd been well informed. I threw out the idea of hosting a challenge to highlight those shadowed books, hoping someone else would run with it. Alas, no. Which perhaps means no one's interested in participating either. I guess that'll remain to be seen. Anyway, to take the work away from me, I've decided to be more hands-off with this challenge than I am with the Canadian Challenge. All I'm committing to is giving permission for others to join this blog and write posts about their chosen books. Email me and I'll add your name to the member's roll.

It's just one measly book. You can do it. Throw it in with another challenge if you like. Steal the cheesy logo and help promote it.

Have fun uncovering those rarities!